Patient getting dental Xrays

Digital X-rays

X-rays are an essential part of maintaining good oral health. X-rays permit the dentist to identify cavities, areas of bone loss and areas of infection. Digital x-rays allow us to capture an x-ray image and immediately display it on the computer monitor. The images are of better quality than their analog predecessors which helps us identify problems sooner.

Digital x-rays use significantly less radiation than analog x-rays to acquire an image. This helps minimize risk of exposure. Furthermore, digital x-rays do not require the use of chemical fixers or disposable film packets which helps us reduce the burden on the environment.

3D Scanners

The newest addition to our technology arsenal is the iTero Element 2 intra-oral scanner. In the past impression material was used in a tray to capture the details of a specific tooth or the entire set of teeth. This scanner gives us the ability to use 3-D imaging technology to capture that same information without the need of a messy, impression material filled tray. We can scan single teeth for crowns, multiple teeth for bridges and entire arches for night guards, clear aligner orthodontic trays and sleep apnea appliances. Digital files of your 3-D models are easily electronically sent to labs thereby reducing overall turn around times.

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